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SCBWI- Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

NWG- Nebraska Writers Guild


B.S.- Education

M.S.- Education School Counseling

I.S.A. Certified Arborist

Anybody who knows me will tell you that I like to talk., and yeah, I probably talk too much. But I also like to look and listen - for stories that is. Well, stories are everywhere and a good story must be told, right? So, that is the selfish reason I write...because I want to tell stories. 

 I'd like to do a small part in helping children discover the joys of reading.      


I spent many hours climbing around in trees while growing up (and I am still growing up).  Perched 50 feet up on a Cottonwood limb provides the climber a quieter and often simpler and slower view of the surrounding world.  When I slow down, close my eyes and listen, I find that I can think better.  (While lugging a chainsaw and 25 lbs of climbing gear that high, I often need to stop and rest!)  The distractions of life diminish and the important stuff comes into focus better.   

3 Principles.

The following words remind me...
“Be a helper, not a hurter.”  These words frequently echo off the walls of our house (often to rolling eyes).  Although I am speaking to my children, I am also reminding myself what is important.

May I always recognize where, when, and how I may help.

Life, Learning...

May I remember to enjoy life and learn on this journey.

Please let my children and students appreciate life too!


...& Discovery   

May children revel in healthy discovery and hunger for more!


May I know the direction in which I travel and not shrink from challenges along the way.

If I can accurately identify my strengths and weaknesses, then may I also challenge myself to use my strengths and improve my weaknesses.

S.T. Mercy Ⓒ 2012